Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dollar Section

Super Valu usually has a dollar section. All kinds of householf items such as salt and pepper shakers and cheesecloths are only on dollar. It's not an extensive selection but hey we'll take what we can get these days!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Walk-up Specials

Sometimes it doesn't pay to plan ahead! LOL.

TOday I noticed that the Good Nite Lodge at the corner of 143rd and Pemberton is offering a "walk-up special" . I went in to talk to the manager, since I told them I was doing for my website they were more than happy for a little free publicity. He explained that for a limited time they are offering 20% off for folks who literally just walk in without a reservation and commit to staying three nights or more. Can't be bad! The wait staff were friendly and courteous and were happy to take the time to talk to me and answer my questions and concerns. I give the Good nIte Lodge an A+++++! Well. I haven't actually stayed there but the lobby was decently appointed and the restaurant seemed to have good specials on offer. I saw a steak with mushrooms special for 9.99 and, for those of us who prefer something lighter, a  chicken cutlet platter for 8.99. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Manager's Special

The Quality Lodge on Landmark Ave is having a manager's special - 2 rooms for the price of 1.

That brings me to some great tips on saving big while travelling and staying at hotels:

1 - Always check to see if shampoo, conditioner and other sundries are included in the price of the room. Check verbally but get it in writing if you have to.

2 - Avoid overpriced hotels

3- Room service is always pricier than eating in the restaurant

4 - Same rules apply to hotels as restaurants. Always check out what their policy is on bringing your own liquor (some places allow this and it's a BIG saver) and check if condiments are extra. If they are can you bring in your own bottles for extra  savings?  Rememer, the wait staff are there to serve YOU and not to garner funny looks at your questions

5 - Shop around for the cheapest parking

6 - Stay away form the mini bart! I once got dinged for an eight dollar can of mixed nuts!!!!!!! Needless to say I never went near a mini bar again.

7 - Always look for specials

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Minimum purchase for coupon use

Hey! Is it just me or is anyone else getting tired of this minimum purchase jazz? I mean, why does there always have to be a minimum charge to get the 10 or 15% off? 

Anyway, GREAT news for us canucks here. Super Valu is giving out dollar coupons for use on any presidents choice products when you buy groceries there. You can use multiple coupons on the same item as long as its President's Choice.

Online Deals

Great deal on jockey shorts 

The High Price of Specialty Shopping

As some of you know, I have been workshopping a book idea for the  last little while. The working title is "Low Costs/Low Prices: The Campaign against the Big Box Stores". For years now, the specialty retailers lobby has been actively trying to smear the so-called big box stores such as wal-mart saying that they are not keeping their employees salaries up with the rate of inflation. They have also accused them of not providing their staff with a great place to work. Wel excuse me! For years now, places like wal mart and costco have been providing our family with a host of great products we need at a price we can afford. So what's wrong with that? Also, I make a point of chatting with the wait staff whenever I visit my local big box stores and not one of them has EVER told me they dislike their job. I always make a point of asking since I'm doing research for my book. In fact, Wally, an old-timer who works at Price Club told me that he's never had it so good as he has at his so-called Big Box Stores. It's really interesting to get information on historical sales and deals from Wally cause he's been around. He especially likes getting families a great deal when they can least afford it. 

So next time you hear these accusations about the stores that give us the best prices take it with a grain of salt. And ask yourself, when have you gotten great custormer service at a small specialty store? FEel free to share your experiences! Let's stick together and make sure that families continue to get the best prices with a great customer service smile!  

Deals of the day

Now bear in mind that these are just what I call "fly-bys" meaning that I just noticed these while I was on the fly out and around town today. I'll post the results of my coupons clips this evening when I've gone through the day's mail.Anyooo:

 - Tissue packs 39 cents for 8
- water filters $1.78 each three days only
- Happy Hour sushi 60% off after 6pm
- Pay as you go phone plan for 24 cents a mibute no long term contracts
 - No late fees at blackbustre video
- Sliced meats (no name and, i think, shnieders)) 2 for 1 (you might want to double check on that one).

Has anyone got the new crisco hampers catalogue yet? I love those lol. Anyway "see" you soon!